Distribution Format Specification

Submission Format Specification

Format Checker


Question Analysis Restrictions

Please submit one answer type per topic per run. You can submit up to 3 runs, but we may evaluate the first run only.

IR4QA Restrictions

We will accept up to 1,000 documents IDs, although we may not be able to evaluate all of them.

CCLQA Restrictions

Submit at least one T-run (where only QUESTION field is used).

You can submit up to 3 runs, but the first run (01) should be the T-run as mandatory. You can submit up to top 30 answers for each topic. However, due to resource constraints, we may not be able to evaluate all 30 answers in each topic.

See RunIDFormat for more details.


Distribution files are encoded in UTF-8. Please encode submission files in UTF-8 as well.

Xinhua Corpus Doc ID

Xinhua corpus has different DOCID format depending on distributions (even among different versions of Chinese Gigawords). Use the official corpus named LDC2009E75, which has the prefix "XIN_CMN_".

Changes from the previous ACLIA

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